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A person who identifies themselves as primarily heterosexual but can find the same sex sexually appealing.
Most girls I know are heteroflexible.
by Syzygy April 01, 2003
A popular acne medication that restricts oil glands in the skin. Often associated with birth defects. Side effects include dry skin, dry lips, irritation and possible suicidal tendencies.
I tried to kill myself 7 times but my skin looks great! Thanks acutane!
by Syzygy February 05, 2005
The near perfect linear alignment of 3 or more celestial bodies (as in the sun the moon and the earth during a solar eclipse) in a gravatational system.
by SyzYgY July 20, 2003
DHCP, or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, is used by most isps. DHCP gives you a new ip address every time you log onto the internet whether your using 56k or cable. This means you never have a assigned ip address. (Makes Money For ISPS).
Dude this sucks, I can't host my ftp server from my comp because my isp uses DHCP.
by Syzygy February 02, 2005
Neosporin neomycin and polymyxin B Sulfates and Bacitracin Zinc is a gel that is used to: Help in the first aid of: cuts, scrapes, and burns.

However this product is for external use only.

*This is a common household product found at many supermarkets and pharmacies.
I fell down and cut my hand so I put so neosporing on it.
by Syzygy August 13, 2005
Where a kid named "Tommy Powell" Lives.
Oh shit, Tommy Powell is poor, he lives in the projects.
by Syzygy April 07, 2005
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