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abbreviation for:DICK SUCKING LIPS
Man Sarah has got some mad DSL yo!
by Symple666 April 19, 2005
One who cannot be wrong. No matter how small the argument is, Symple will prevail victorious, at least in his own mind.
Chuck cannot lose an argument to Megan because he is Symple.
by Symple666 April 19, 2005
Person (usually women) who only drinks McCormick's whiskey. They usually tend to take a shot of this shit as soon as they wake up, or right before they go to bed. See also taint because its a funny word.
MB and TC are such McCor whores!
by Symple666 April 19, 2005
Short for Tender Crisp, or Nanticha the latter being a McCore whore from Thailand.
TC 420; if its free its for TC
by Symple666 April 19, 2005
Person who always wants to get into arguments with Symple no matter how small the issue is. If MB feels she is losing the fight she will recruit a TC.
TC, dont be an MB and say your not a McCore whore when your probably drinking McCormick's right now.
by Symple666 April 19, 2005

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