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an old man, an old smelly man, used loosely while joking.
"Grandpa, you're such a farggie!"
by Sylvia January 20, 2004
i think it's when a country's exports is more than its imports and here we say it's a favorable B.O.P, otherwise it's an unfavorable B.O.P
by sylvia October 27, 2003
a phrase shouted in advocation of equal distribution of pig meat for everyone.

a phrase used as greeting between two mutually significant friends, where pork stands for the love of each other, and of pigs.
PORK4ALL, girl!
Hey, Sylvia!
by Sylvia November 22, 2004
Allll a work of Alice's aka "um someone" mind. Really is rubbish, has no meaning whatsoever. :D
missplelled is just a typo of misspelled
by Sylvia September 05, 2004
a color.
the paint color is called "mature straw"
by sylvia February 25, 2004
Wiiks are geeks who love the Nintendo Wii

(a positive connotation)
John: Hey Stephen, why is there a line of people outside of Best Buy?

Stephen: Oh, those are wiiks waiting for the new nintendo console.
by Sylvia November 24, 2006
An expression used to describe something that is not good, ugly, or just wrong.
I can't believe you missed! Man, that shot was booty!
by Sylvia April 26, 2004

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