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4 definitions by Sydney Shores

a hot, selfish prick. a rich, pampered individual with a grande penis and a marathon tongue. young enough to do it often, old enough to do it right. has no time for petty drama and emotional hysterics. GRANDE!
Sarah: "you really know Said?!?!"

Ashley: "yeah!!!!"

Sarah: "how?"

Ashley: "he was standing behind in the movie theater line, with Megan Fox. he breathed on the back of my neck and i immediately gizzed in my pants. i haven't showered since......"

Sarah: " lucky!"
by Sydney Shores July 13, 2009
88 51
A slue who gets off by giving raunchy BJ's in dirty public restrooms.
Chase: "How was the stall suck?"

Said:" It was alright. She has mad tile burn though!"

Chase:"Stall suckers ROCK!"
by Sydney Shores July 13, 2009
4 0
pertaining to a young, Italian female who has the lung capacity of Michael Phelps and DSL of Angelina Jolie, who can suck a soft ball through a water hose.
Douche Guido: "Hey did you hook up with any girls at that party the other night?"

Alpha Guido: "yea chief, that party was full of Canoli Suckers."
by Sydney Shores July 13, 2009
5 1
Solution to behaviour defect in girls who quit in the middle of a BJ. Simply by tapping the bottom of their chin or punching the jugular.
Chase:"She stopped while she was giving me a BJ, so I Cesar Millan'd her ass and told her to get back to work!"

by Sydney Shores July 13, 2009
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