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A school that was awesome but now sux butt! the church screwed it up pissed everyone off and now no1 wants to go there let alone teach there. They never should have fired L. Reynolds. she was the best thing to ever happen to trinity and you blew it. Good job.
I used to go to trinity Lutheran
No No we went to trinity lucifer!
by Sydney December 14, 2004
Jelly Bracelets are simple little bracelets. The stupid meanings are meant for whores/sluts that have nothing better to do.

I wear the bracelets because I want to, not because I want sex/to make out/ etc.
"I have the ugliest jelly bracelets ever."
by Sydney January 14, 2005
From a quote said by Homer Simpson on the cartoon The Simpsons.
"You couldn't fool anyone on the foolingest day of your life if you had an electrified fooling machine."
by Sydney January 08, 2005
some one who is stupid or unfortunate to the point it is nessesary to add 4 more to it
"your gay"
"well ur stupid"
"well ur a gayquad"
"alright you win"
by Sydney December 24, 2004
An insult, I'm pretty sure I started afew years ago to describe homosexuals, or perhaps a penis used for anal probing. You may also use it to describe someone with a patriot missile in their ass.
Leave me alone you ass patriot!
by Sydney June 03, 2004
To amass a big group of gays, lesbians and their friends and take over a traditionally straight venue.
Get ready for a big night out, we're going to Fag Tag the Superclub tonight.
by Sydney November 09, 2004
a name for a cool person
Sydney and carrie are dorkous'
by Sydney February 16, 2004

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