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3 definitions by Syda

A really large penis.
Melissa's boyfriend is packin a magnum downstairs, he tears that bitch up every night.
by Syda March 24, 2005
296 104
v. (de-pay-stih-fie-ing) --
1. the act of dewhitening yo ass
2. tanning after a long winter of hibernation
After being in the office all winter and losing her Miami tan, Amy decided to go to a tanning salon to depastify her whiteness so she could go to the beach this summer without blinding all the people.
by Syda May 05, 2005
25 1
n. (fuh-gahs)

1. referring to friends or foes in a complimenting or demeaning manner, depending on useage of tonal cues

2. see fuckers
You fuggas all suck at fantasy baseball.
by Syda May 07, 2005
26 7