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An individual who claims to have high moral standing but really just wants more deductables on their income tax. A person who blindly supports maximizing profits, deregulation, cutting cost, cutting taxes, cutting benefits and then complains "You can't get good service anywhere these days"
"Why is everything I buy a cheap piece of crap?"
"Because the selfservatives got rid of quality standards."

"Why aren't kids learning anything in school?"
"Because the selfservatives keep cutting education because public school doesn't make them money like prisons or defence contracts."

"Why can't I get good service anymore!"
"Because the company they work for believes in maximizing profits over quality, even when they're already making good money, the employees think quality service is a joke. Here's your wine in paper cup you selfservative you."
by syd jesus May 24, 2009
Resisting the urge to be a crank on a social network sight. Avoiding stating the obvious, spouting wild opinions, too much personal information and going on line drunk.
'I was going to comment about the debate but I figure everybody's saying the same thing. Have some Spacipline."
'Sometimes I don't post just cause I'm bored. People who tell you every little thing have no Spacipline."
by Syd Jesus May 01, 2009
General term covering all of social media. Both Myspace, facebook or any other social network. Similar to the blogoshpere.
"Drop me a line on the Myface"
"See you on Myface."
"Which Myface do you use?"
by Syd Jesus May 01, 2009
A descriptive adjetive for modern art as well as an on going easy art movement originating in Oakland California. dU dU was rumoured to be just an off shoot or inspired by the Fluxus. An idea that members of the dU dU movement vehemently deny as untrue or a conincidence. The dU dU absorb other works of art into the movement by commenting on them and stating that they are very dU dU (said with a scholarly accent.)
"What do you think of this painting?"
"It's very dU dU. How much is it?"
"$5,000 dollars."
by Syd Jesus April 13, 2009
1)Still trying to 'Make it'. 2)Sticking with something long after any success is possible. 3)An act of self denile based on the stuborn need to justify a career choice in the arts: Actors, musicians, Great American novelist. 4)Sticking with a ridiculous belief system because you pissed off so many people over the years you can't just own up and apologise.
1)"This 56 year old waiter showed me his head shot. Serious Post Dramatic Stress Disorder."

2)"He moved to LA. He still thinks metal is going to be big again."
"He's got Post Dramatic Stress Dissorder and thinks he's Vince Neal."
by syd jesus May 13, 2009
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