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The act of accidentally rubbing your penis up against another dude's penis during double penetration of a woman.
'Bubba and I tag-teamed Cindy Lou and we ended up crossing swords! Nasty!'
by Syd Barrett April 20, 2006
A blonde middle-aged woman who's spent far too much time at the fake-n'-bake, barely stands five feet tall on her tiptoes, drives an SUV the size of a Sherman tank because she has a female Napoleon complex, and plasters the back of said vehicle with stickers about how her child is a straight A student at <insert here> middle school.
Most of the women driving SUV's around Richmond, VA.
by Syd Barrett December 23, 2003
A woman's loose and dangling labia. (See beef curtains.)
'That bitch has some nasty mud guards, yo!'
by Syd Barrett June 08, 2006

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