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6 definitions by Swine Doctor

A device used to protect you form sexual transmitted deseases while having sex. A latex fabric that you place over your pole like a sleeve
Before Bob was to be mounted by Paul he insisted that Paul place a pole sleeve on.
by Swine Doctor May 31, 2011
The finger that is used to insert into a sphincter. Commonly this finger has a slight discoloration to it, similar to that of a carmel choc bar
I noticed one of Bob's fingers were slighly discolored, that must be his sphincter finger.

Paul loved Bob's sphincter finger and how it made him feel when it is inserted into his sphincter
by swine doctor May 18, 2011
when a man ejaculates siemen out of his dick it forms a white paste type glue. As it came from his dick it is called dick glue.
Mark was blowing Paul so hard that he shot a load of dick glue all over Marks face. Mark had been shot with dick glue
by swine doctor May 05, 2011
cock snot - the crusted smegma that is found under the foreskin foreskin of an unhealthy and unwashed uncircumcised penis.
Bob carefully peeld back the foreskin of juniors big fat cock, ready to engulf all of his offerings.

"Geez junior, when was the last time you showered"

" 3 days ago, why?"

"Because you have an enormous build up of this horrible cheese looking and smelling smegma under your magnificent foreskin"

"Oh yeh, dont worry about that, thats just my cock snot"
by swine doctor June 14, 2011
When a friend, collegue or just fellow dude takes public credit for sleeping with a woman, that his friend, collegue or fellow dude actually slept with.
Bob is a snatch jack, can you believe he told everyone arond the water cooler that he slept with Liz from accounting, we all know it was Justin who slept with her.
by swine doctor April 07, 2011
When a man ejaculates from his dick siemen, it either dribbles out, shoots out or drops out in the form of a paste. The paste is from his dick and thus it is dick paste
When Bob was blowing Paul, paul shot dick paste all over bobs face. Bob was covered in pauls dick paste
by swine doctor May 05, 2011