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2 definitions by Swimjew

Young gay man kept by a sugardaddy. A boytoy, kept by an
older gay man or men who trades sex and affection for
gifts or cash. Young gay piece of eye-candy that hangs
on older men for financial gain or enhancement.
Fifty year old gay man with a twenty year old boyfriend...definately a sugardaddy with a piece
of candyboi
by Swimjew November 01, 2006
16 5
A certain type of young gay man, similar to a "twink" or "boytoy" who moves in with an older man and pretends to love the older man for the purpose of obtaining gifts or cash.
Will often have two or more of these older men at the same
time, letting each know they are in competition for the
boys "affection" depending on the amount of money given or
gifts received.
"Nagostino has a new car and a new computer. He must have a
new sugardaddy"
by Swimjew October 31, 2006
6 4