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The sweetest guy that you will ever meet. He's a hopeless romantic who will go out of his way for the girl he wants. Even if she doesn't love him he will keep trying. He is perverted but knows his limits, always. He writes original music, sings, and plays guitar beautifully. Whenever you are down he will come up and give you the bestest hug in the world. He's a true gentalman and is great to cuddle and snuggle beside. At first thought people hate him because he can be horny and in a way... a womanizer. But once you get to know him he will be the person you want by your side for the rest of your life. He is impossible to stay mad at and is just a giant teddy bear at the end of the day. I love him to bits and if you meet a kaleb don't let him go, i can guarentee that there is no one like him. <3
person 1:Whoa. Hes a really good musician! Did he write that himself?
person 2: Yeah he's also very sweet and loveable. No wonder he's a Kaleb!
by Sweetheart :*) January 02, 2012

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