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Metro POS

Metro POS, the POS standing for "piece of $hit" is basically a description of the outdated phones, service, and coverage areas that Metro PCS has to offer. A common nickname for the ghetto phone company in which you can have no credit, no job and no money to get crappy service with lots of dropped calls, double texts, and a very small service area for about $40 a month.

Often used by cheapskates, drug dealers, and those with bad credit who cannot attain a line with a reputable cell phone service provider.
Guy 1: "I called you like three times last night dude and your $hit went right to voicemail! $hit was CrAzY at the bar...you missed a good time!"

Guy 2: "Dammit! I was just at home sitting on the couch watching UFC, my phone didn't even ring!!! Damn Metro POS!"
by Sweet_Melissa February 28, 2011
An extremely unattractive snaggletoothed virgin female with full-on Abe Lincoln facial hair (stache, beard, sideburns)
OMG did you see that chick?? She is totally an Abe!
by Sweet_Melissa December 09, 2010
The drug induced coma-like experience one undergoes when consuming large quantities of the cold medicine Robitussin when either fighting a cold or being completely healthy.
OMG I was so sick last week that I took a crap-ton of Robitussin and slipped into a Robo-coma!

Dude...I was in a Robo-coma for like two days after that flu hit me last week!
by Sweet_Melissa January 10, 2011
A non-offensive combination hand and arm gesture in which the "Skyfister" will clench his/her fist and raise it as if to fight right about to the top of their head and then proclaims "Skyfist!" Typically used when someone pisses you off in lieu of flipping the bird.
Woah! Did you see that jerk just cut in front of me at the beer tent?? That dude gets a skyfist!

Hey! Did you see Abe today?? Her beard was extra scruffy and just for that she gets a skyfist!
by Sweet_Melissa November 30, 2010

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