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Relating to the word bone meaning to have sex with and the word potential meaning possibility.

The sexual potential of an individual or individuals. Primarily relating to sexual chemistry and/or sexual attraction. Usually used within the context of a group/club setting as a way to assess the crowd.

Amount/ratio of attractive people within a crowd.

Likeliness of having sex.
I'm only staying at this party if there is excellent bonetential.

The high ratio of hotladies at the bar last night set the bonetential to high.

There was definite bonetential with the dude I met last night, if I see him again all bets are off.
by SweetC May 26, 2013
Where a man is so shit in bed, he's dissappointed even the women he hasn't been with
Kev was such a sub standard lover he was almost omni-impotent: women who didn't know him wanted to not be with him
by sweetc October 23, 2009
fem wank

the pithiest way to describe female masturbation
A: Hey babe, what'd you get up to today
B: Not a lot, mainly just watched Grey's Anatomy and had a fwank

2. She is a massive fwanker

3. Did you see Johnny Depp in that film last night, one for the fwank bank
by sweetc October 23, 2009

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