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3 definitions by Sweet n' Low

The breakfast item preferred by hookers and ho's at Denny's.
It consists of two hardon boiled eggs, 2 extra-long sausage, two bacon strips, Frenched toast, no homo fries and lots of sticky syrup to run down your chin. Often washed down with a cup of come-offee.
After a long night on my back or just leaning over in the front seat of a car, I'm dying for a Wham Bam ThankYou Slam at the Denny's of iniquity.
by Sweet n' Low November 17, 2011
3 1
A guy who keeps moving around a room where a joint is being passed and intercepts it in order to get more than his fair share of the hits.
Can be twice as bad if he Bogarts as well.
No way your brother is coming over to the party, he's a damn toke thief.
by Sweet n' Low November 19, 2011
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The habit of being alert to another's intentions to fool or deceive yourself or others.

A natural tendency to doubt the actions or intentions of others.

An innate ability to spot treachery and deception before it negatively affects oneself.
He says he isn't isn't trying to move in on my girl but my hocus focus tells me otherwise.

"Dude, you never would have been fooled into buying that piece of junk if you had some hocus focus."
by Sweet n' Low November 18, 2011
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