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What a woman gets when she's ragging and doesn't change her tampon as often as she should. Closely related to Formunda Cheese.
Damn baby! I didn't know Tampax made Parmesan scented supers!
by Sweet thang November 06, 2003
A transexual granny who rocks granny panties but has a monster cock.
Yo I saw Tim's grandma in the window. Shit son, ol bitch was a grantran
by sweet thang June 12, 2004
the purpose of a girlfriend
yo why are u goin out with that ho rich.
tap the wang biyotch
by Sweet Thang November 02, 2004
The hole inbetween your butt cheeks that al lbrave young men must conquor.
I was with my girl friend last weekend and i conquored the WA hardcore.
by Sweet Thang October 18, 2004
Sexiest iceman ever that tears all girls up like a black pimp.
omg i want rich's meat stuffed in me because hes so gorgeous.
by Sweet Thang October 18, 2004
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