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a term that comes out of the Upper Midwest of the US commonly used to refer to little bits of paper. Not actually based on anything German, but German-sounding due to the Lutheran culture of the area (hence the spelling.)

1)the rough edges of notebook paper after it's been ripped out of said notebook
2)the holes that get punched out of hole-punched paper
3)the remains of a piece of paper after it has been torn to little bits
4)little bits of garbage in general
Don't even think about leaving those schnibbles all over the floor, pick them up and throw them away!
by Sweet Georgia Peach May 28, 2004
Har har, computer programmers have a sense of humor. It stands to reason that anything less than a byte would be a nybble.

Half of a byte or 4 bits. Used to conserve space for anything using numbers 0-15.

Also spelled "nibble" though the original spelling was with a "y."
Eh, we don't need need to use a whole byte for that, it only takes a nybble.
by Sweet Georgia Peach May 14, 2004
From the John Mayer song "Why Georgia"
"Might be a quarter life crisis"

the moment you realize you are a quarter of a century old.
A: Dude, you're oooold.
B: I'm only 25.
A: That's a quarter of a century.
B: What? What?! Ack!
by Sweet Georgia Peach May 12, 2004

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