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1 definition by Sweet Backstabbed Angel

biggest bitch and fat whore you will ever meet.

don't you dare trust a girl named Alden.

Warning: Can also be mistook for a beached whale.
Person A: Oh my God, do you know Alden?
Person B: You mean that fat whore?
Person A: Yeah, didn't we see her at the beach?
Person B: I don't think so...OH WAIT, that was an impregnated beached whale, not Alden.
Person A: Oh yeah, I remember, now. God she's a bitch.
Person B: Ew God, that chick is a bitch! Don't trust her. she might jack off on you, since she obviously has a dick.
Entire World: Let's go harpoon her.
by Sweet Backstabbed Angel March 10, 2008
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