3 definitions by Sweet Aarolyne

A well known Russian Mystic and channeler of healing energy who is otherwise a truly "U"nique and desirable girl.
1. My future was foretold by Tausha.

2. There is nothing else like it; it's a Tausha!
by Sweet Aarolyne February 06, 2010
Tausha is "U"nique, intuitive, intelligent and responsible, with a strong work ethic, dedication to a job well done, doing things right and generally being the glue that holds it all together.
She's a special gal that we couldn't have done without. She's a Tausha!
by Sweet Aarolyne February 07, 2010
What you call the "u"niquely funniest person you know.
That was funny. She's so Tausha.
by Sweet Aarolyne February 08, 2010

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