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1. A female that is thugish yet still lady-like and carries herself with balance and knowledge of the streets and the home area
2. A female thug
I'm a real thug misses.
by Sweet AKA Shonte` February 15, 2005
1. A hoe who doesn't value herself and fuck for very little in return.
2. A female who sleeps for something that can be valued at very little
Leana is a 2 dollar hoe.
by Sweet AKA Shonte` February 15, 2005
Ignorent (ignet) & Ghetto
A word made up by a clique in Chicago by the name of Igno whose colors are mainly blue & black. Also their head members nicknames are Tweety, Holla, & Sweet.
1. God your dumb ass is so damn igno.
2. (Can Be Chanted By Clique) IGNO!!!
by Sweet AKA Shonte` February 14, 2005
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