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A knatch is a small piece of hashish or marijuana.

It's commonly used in Sweden and is derived of the word knerts, which means small piece (of anything).
"Dude, could you spare me a knatch?"
by Swedish Jesus July 04, 2009
When you grab your semi-erect penis and slap someone across the face with it as hard as you can, usually during fellatio.
I totally gave this girl who was giving me head last night a French Baton
by Swedish Jesus May 23, 2010
It's a D&D term where you tweak a skill of your character to the point of detriments in another skills, and the Dungeon Master specifically tailors the campaign to take advantage of that detriment, fully negating any point of pimping out the skill you were focused on. Thus, your character is skillfucked.

(Definition courtesy of MattK via www.ToplessRobot.com)
I'm sorry Brian, I guess you shouldn't have poured all your skill points in to bargain, since there are no merchants in this campaign. You my friend have been officially skillfucked.
by Swedish Jesus January 25, 2010
Slang for the female genitalia, derived from it looking like a Y.
Youv'e got a nice wyclef, girl.
by Swedish Jesus January 15, 2010
(doing/pulling a/the) Wiseau; laughing/chuckling randomly and inappropriately during sexual intercourse
Guy 1: Man, this chick I was with last night was such a horror.
Guy 2: Really? How so?
Guy 1: She kept doing the Wiseau.
Guy 2: Ouch...
by Swedish Jesus August 09, 2011
A combination of Virgin + Loser, usually seen around comic cons, ogling women cosplaying like it was going out of style.

People who are most likely never getting laid in their entire life unless they pay for it.
- "Oh my God, that woman is so hawt!!!"
- "Shut up Virger."

- "Women who dress provocatively deserves to get raped!"
- "That's such a Virger thing to say."
by Swedish Jesus October 21, 2012
When you put up your entire fist in your male lover's ass to give him a prostate massage while putting his dick in your mouth at the same time
I gave Juan a rusty venture last night, his orgasm was out of this world as it exploded in my mouth
by Swedish Jesus November 25, 2010

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