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1. A stick used to hit a hockey puck in the game of Hockey.

2. A Canadian Sex Act -- The only thing the man wears is Ice Skates on his feet, while the girl performs a frosty mitten job, naked, while the man hold her legs, and caries her around, while motor boating her chest.
Drew, "Dude man, did you see last night when that dude broke my hockey stick?"
Adam, "SICK!"

Cassidy, "Taylor, I went to Canada last weekend, and I ran into some old friends, and they were totally doing the Hockey Stick!!"
Taylor, "OMFG! That's BAD ASS!"
by Swede1984 January 18, 2011
A awesome baby produced by Swedish and Canadian parents or people. Will either have brown hair blue eyes, or blue eyes and blonde hair. Will be awesome, and will play hockey on the weekends and Soccer during the week. Caswedish babies are the bomb!
Ok looking kid: "So what race are you?"
A beautiful god/godess: "I'm 100% Caswedish!"
Ok looking kid: "Sweet!"
by Swede1984 January 20, 2011
A baby having a Chinese father and a Brazilian mother, therefore being being of both Brazilian and Chinese heritage.
Olaf: "Did you hear that Chris and Leticia are having a baby?"
George: "Yeah! Dude, their baby will be Branese!"
Olaf: "BADASS!"
by Swede1984 January 26, 2011
A offspring of a female Brazilian and an American male. Will be short, very short. But awesome! Will play Football and eat lots of Hamburgers, but also a great swimmer and super flirt.
Ok looking kid, "Dude! What race are you?"
Beautiful God/Godess, "I'm Bramerican!"
Ok looking Kid, "Man! I'm jealous!"
by Swede1984 January 22, 2011
1.) When a woman gets on top of another woman and humps. or When a man gets on top of another man and humps. With whip cream between
2.) A warning word whenever someone says something inappropriate and an adult or someone who could get you in trouble for it is around.
1.) Alexandra, "So, last night I was over at Matillda's house and she got on top of me and gave me a Pancake!"

Sarah, "Seriously?"

2.) Riley, "... and then you put it in-"

Garrison, " PANCAKE! PANCAKE!"
by Swede1984 January 22, 2011

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