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another word for "sneaky penis".

1; The name you call a guy who, when the girl is sleeping naked, "sneaks" into her.

2; A derogatory term for a sleazy male, who is discretely trying to get laid.
You are such a listepik!
by Swayspoon March 05, 2011
-The state of being when you wake up after a night out and you are still drunk.
-"Hey mate. I just woke up and I'm so bagstiv.Not hungover yet. I just can't walk straight".
by Swayspoon February 03, 2011
- The moment experienced when a white person goes to Africa to have a picture taken with a black baby.

A madonna moment is a sought after part of any 2-week "I will save the world by (paying to) volunteering at an orphanage" vacation. Often associated with Voluntourism.
"I just had the best Madonna Moment today. The picture with me and the black baby is sooo cute!. I think I want to adopt one now".
by Swayspoon June 30, 2013
Laughing Hysterically In Trance Ludicrously Emitting Roars
"hahaha. that is the funniest thing I've ever heard. I'm am so lhitler right now". Mainly used online. Often as comment to Facebook or Twitter posts.
by Swayspoon August 29, 2011
Laughing Such That A Lion Is Nervous
"hahah, your joke was so funny. I am lstalin". Only used online. Typically as a Facebook or Twitter comment.
by Swayspoon August 29, 2011
A expression used for cheering when something goes well. If the team you are cheering for wins a game, when things goes well, when you cheer at a party.
You are sitting with a group of bro's and your national team scores a great goal at the worldcup. You raise up with a beer in your hand and yell "Tjålålåååh".
by Swayspoon June 20, 2010

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