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A folk expression for Sleep Paralysis: a sleep disorder that causes a person to gain consciousness while their body remains in REM atonia (pseudo paralysis).

During an episode a person will become fully awake and able to look around by moving their eyes. However, control of breathing, bodily movement and making sounds are completely inhibited, resulting in a possibly terrifying experience. An episode can last from a several seconds to a few minutes and is sometimes accompanied by vivid hallucinations.

The episode ends when the person falls back asleep peacefully, or the paralysis lifts. The latter often results in violent movement or convulsions along with a shout or scream.

While in this state a person is said to be "Riding with the witch"

It is most often encountered while sleeping in unfamiliar or relatively uncomfortable conditions. Most people will experience some form of this phenomena at least once in their lifetime.
Chris: Yo, did you have a nightmare last night?
Frank: Nah, I was just riding with the witch, sleep paralysis, ya know?
Chris: Damn son, you should probably get that checked out! You almost gave me a heart attack, shouting and flailing at 3AM!
Frank: yeah, that'll happen…
by swaino October 24, 2009
When you waste the whole day in bed with someone, having sex, occasionally snacking(eating, drinking, smoking) while taking brief naps between sessions.
Andy:"Yo man, what'd you do last weekend? I never heard from you"
Brendan: "oh you know me and the lady were just snack nappin all weekend"
Andy: "Oh well, gotta love that!"
by swaino July 10, 2008
A female (human or otherwise) who is shady and not to be trusted. A woman who improves her situation through questionable means.
Ron: "I met this girl the other night. I took her home. When I woke up in the morning she was gone and so was all my money and my trees"
Markus: "Damn! what a slippery slut! If you every see her again you should take her home and donkey punch her"
by Swaino March 20, 2008
Irrevocable freedom and independence; The ability to live one's life as seen fit with as little outside influence as humanly possible; Untouchable; Above the influence
Anarchy is only possible through Formidable Autonomy

My goal in life is Formidable Autonomy
by swaino July 22, 2008
An extra hot cougar who is extra naughty.
Jon: "Hey look at that hot cougar over there!"
Me: "Oh MAN! She looks like one naughty puma!"
by swaino July 22, 2008
Using a position of authority as a means to take advantage of a person or a people by gaining their confidence. Trickery is often used by politicians, police officers and other authority figures to gain support while unwittingly manipulating and oppressing those very same people who are subject to their control. Trickery often involves use of the phrase "Trust me, I'm a _______"
Police officer: "Your friends over there already told me that you did that thing, so why don't you just confess and make it easier for all of us, you can trust me, I'm a police officer"

Citizen: "Oh really, hmm… yeah, ok, I'm sorry, I did just do that thing"


Citizen: "OH NO! I should never have fallen for your police trickery! FML"

Congressman: "don't worry people, we've got this whole economy/budget situation under control… Trust me, I'm in congress. This stuff is far too complicated for a simpleton like you to understand. Now just vote for Prop X and everything will be fine"
by swaino August 11, 2010
Proposition X, is a theoretical reference to an unnamed voter referendum that could someday appear on a ballot. Usually a complicated and sinister voter initiative that could only pass through heavy use of Trickery. In some states these are known as voter questions but the net result is always the same: a voter "approved" law that can be extremely difficult to reverse.
Senator Goldstealer: "Prop X is a wonderful initiative that will help all mankind by eliminating the complicated issue of free will. Imagine the peace of mind in knowing that you will never have to make another decision again. We will make the decisions for you and we will always be sure that every decision is THE BEST DECISION,"
by swaino August 11, 2010
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