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snitch, someone who rats

a crazy person, someone who's acting rediculous
That canary Jesse told the cops about his boy's stash; now he's locked up.

You're so canary right now, what are you saying?
by Swagin'nSwervin' October 23, 2006
to be so incoherent that you're all over the place; you're crunk and having a good time
Man I was swanging and swerving last night man, I had no idea what was going on but I had a great time!
by Swagin'nSwervin' October 23, 2006
to be solo, to be lurking around and then come out of nowhere
Bro you are a true ghostrider, where have you been? You ride ghosts hardcore.
by Swagin'nSwervin' October 23, 2006

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