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"Jib" for Fuck . Code word for fuck that
"You tryna walk to the store?"
"Fookoo man"

"Que Le fookoo?!"

what the fuck
by Swaggaire December 09, 2008
Substitution for any word you want it to be. Used when people are very bored , or drunk. Probably under the influence of drugs.
Originated from Kyle , Rashad and Koko of Minnesota.

Language of "jib" new aged "JIVE" talk
Aye man, Did she Throw some Jibbadee in the Bah? . you know i cant eat my Dublevey without some Jibb


Aye man, did she throw some RANCH in the Bag? you know i cant eat my DOUBLE without some Ranch.
by Swaggaire December 09, 2008

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