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When the McAssholes and dumb Mcbiatchs piss you off so much, you are forced (and encouraged by law) to go on a McDriveby.
Son: Mom, me and Billy are going to go on a McDriveby.
Mom: Only if you're home by suppertime.
Son: Oh, I will be!
Mom: Wait, don't put the Mcbiatchs blood in the Kool-Aid this time. I had to hop like three fences to get away from the po-po's.

Jesus is famous for his many McDrivebys.
by Svend Andersson March 25, 2006
A word whose origins (Shit all over you with my ass) deals with defecation upon another using the body part in which defecation usually takes place. Usually said with anger in a deep, unintelligible dialect.
Used as a verb:
Teacher: You can't stop forgetting to do your homework! This is unacceptable behavior.

Used as an adjective:
Your face is shialovayuwimias

Used as a noun:
Kyle's such a shialovayuwimias.
by Svend Andersson April 15, 2006

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