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3 definitions by Sven S

To give or to loan someone something to another person.
oi mate, booz us a beer.
hey, booz us that pen for a second.
by Sven S September 21, 2005
10 22
A person who is very thin, bordering on anorexic and who cannot control themselves, talking shit at every possible moment. Other can qualities include homosexuality, stupidity, tightness (being a jew).
That shit stick just wont shut up with his crap jokes.

Shit stick over there keeps kicking me in the shins. fucking tightarse...
by Sven S September 22, 2005
4 21
Females who are less than asthetically pleasing. Also can be females working the streets.
Those chicks are rough trade.
Youll want to stay away from that rough trade mate.
by Sven S September 23, 2005
9 85