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3 definitions by Suzie Ziemann

When a Boyfriend/girlfrind or even a bestfriend of yours tickle eachother continuously until one gives up, and in return must do whatever the winner desires.(no limit on the amount of peaple)Usually takes place at the park, in the car, parking garages (lol), or wherever it benefits them.
(at the park on the grass)
Boyfriend:(tickling girlfriend)You give up huh?huh?
Girlfriend:Hahahahaha yes!I mean No, no, no, no!!
(girlfriend has sneak attack and tickles his nipples)
Boyfriend:Hahahah Okay, oaky, okay!!You win tickle wars for today!!
Boyfriend:What are your demands babe?
Girlfriend:Back rube please!!
by Suzie Ziemann June 03, 2008
Used in two ways.
To exspress a feeling of being grossed out,
or to exspress feelings of being surprised.

It adds a comedic tone to your voice
(1)EGAG! she just puked on her own lunch!
(2)EGAG! you scared me!
by Suzie Ziemann May 29, 2008
You use this word to a younger brother or Sister.
"Nerd" for being unpopular and weird, and "lette" metioning that they are young. so in other words, a wierd young one.It's no word to take offense to, it just is a word brothers/sisters used to call there younger siblings to mess around.
little brother:Can i use your cellphone suzie?
Big sister: No.
little borther:Please.
Big sister:No Nerdlette!
by Suzie Ziemann May 30, 2008