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4 definitions by Suzi S

A stripper, b/c the only thing they're wearing is shoes!
Let's go tip some shoe models!
by Suzi S January 17, 2006
43 8
When a man has just a moustache as facial hair, with no beard.
Whoa, look at that guy with tache only....he must be Canadian!
by Suzi S December 21, 2005
6 0
Refering to a group of drunk people.
Geez guys, we're all a bunch of 'effin dronx!!!
by Suzi S December 21, 2005
3 3
The gayest looking umbrella in the world. I.E. this rainbow colored tie-dyed umbrella someone got me last Xmas.
Here comes Carter, with that gaybrella!!!
by Suzi S December 21, 2005
9 11