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Jennifer is beautiful inside and out. She is remarkably sweet and generous. Jennifer will go out of her way to make all feel welcome and important, even at a function which she is not the host. Her smile brightens others day. She is a successful parent. One who brings up children that have enormous respect and love for their mother and a respect for life and people in general. Jennifer's seem to work best alone rather than in a relationship. However, they are very desired by the opposite, and same, sex. Jennifer's need to be cautious of jealous people. A Jennifer's life seems to be much more interesting to people than their own. She is kind and honest and a fabulous friend. Jennifer defines sexy.
Everyone was in a trance when Jennifer walked into the room.

The laughter was musical when Jennifer told her joke.

The men were disappointed when Jennifer left the room.
by Suvsmumz February 04, 2010

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