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A Homietail, much like a ponytail, is a length of hair bound by a elastic band on the rear of the scalp. Unlike its pony counterpart, the Homietail is found on men of African American decent. Alternate spelling for men of Mexican or Latino decent is the Holmietail. The Homietail was first made popular by rappers like Ice T in the mid 80's.
That chick was so mad, she grabbed him by his lil homietail...

All Ice T was only known for being wit white women, and his little Homietail....
by Sutts00 October 13, 2014
A sexual position, where the man sits backwards on a woman's face and receives analingus, while simultaneously he 'titty fucks' her breasts.

Also known as the 'Reverse titty fuck' or 'Rusty titty fuck'
Your mom gave me a fender bender last night. or Your mom and I got into a fender bender last night
by Sutts00 October 13, 2014

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