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4 definitions by Susie Wallace

A bong made out of any materials a person has in close proximity.
Example: "get me a roll of toilet paper and some tin foil so I can make us a McGyver Bong"
by Susie Wallace November 07, 2007
7 1
A name for marijuana that has gold hairs in it and comes out of Columbia.

Back in the day, hippies had names for every type of marijuana.
Hey man, do you wanna smoke some Columbian Gold in my new bong or would you rather smoke some more of that Redbud?
by Susie Wallace October 29, 2007
51 45
A person that likes to crack jokes.
Hey, do you want to pull a Suess on the teacher with me?
by Susie Wallace October 31, 2007
5 7
A form of very low grade marijuana.
Hey man, do you have any Columbian Gold we can try out in my new bong?

No, all I have is this Mohican.

by Susie Wallace October 31, 2007
5 9