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Are birds in a children's fairy tale.
They tell the story of the struggle in their land against the evil Zurtledurks.
The Peelie-birds gathered from all around
To welcome the traveller bold
They twittered, their tale to unfold
by Susie Percival April 21, 2008
are evil horrid monsters, live in the mud, fly at night, eat the worms, make a terrible noise. They are the evil characters in a fairy story.
“The Zurtledurk is such a terrible sight”
Said the Tumshee, her little face pale.
“It lives in the mud and it flies in the night
And eats Tumsheeworms, head, feet and tail!
by Susie Percival April 21, 2008
Tumshee is a good fairy in a children's story.
She helps the Flimptie save his world from the evil Zurtledurks
Off Tumshee flew on a passing breeze
Though she knew of the dangers ahead
She shivered and shuddered with dread
by Susie Percival April 21, 2008
the hero in a children's fairy story, who saves
Flimptieland from the evil Zurtledurks with the aid of the good fairy Tumshee, the love of his life.
A Flimptie is a fearless thing
He’ll dragons slay and treasures bring.
He’s fleet of foot and soft of heart
And from him Tumshees never part
Is he real, or just a dream?
He’s flesh and bone so it would seem.
Or does he dwell in a secret place
Where no one ever sees his face?
by Susie Percival April 21, 2008
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