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The annoying and infuriating word posts that abuse other races or religions.

The posters of these words alienate a number of persons of the insulted race or religion, and therefore triggering a mass number of opposing new posts.

This process continues perpetually, at each time consuming more people until nearly thousands of users are posting, enraged by as little as one miniscule post.

The process is exhausting, yet practically stupid. Most users involved in this war of words, are unaware that it was probably started by a fool with nothing better to do than to degrade other races or religion.
1. Americans Watch too much FOX.

2. The British Drink too much tea.

3. Australians have too much native wildlife.

(Note: I do not support any racial conflict, these are just examples)
by Sushi December 30, 2004
A bias opinionated person who is afraid of the oposing side.
1. I hate vegetarians - Oh no, here they come!
by Sushi November 30, 2004
The mixture of sweat and the powder used in rubber gloves to keep them preserve.
1. I hate the dentist! He was fixing my cavity when his glove broke and Shloque drained into my mouth.
by Sushi November 30, 2004
A synonym of Dog/Canine.
1. Hey, come over and see my new Dogsna.

2. My Dogsna ran away.

3. Ouch, That Dogsna took a bite out of me!
by Sushi January 13, 2005
more intense and nagging desire than just regualar sexual frustration
Sam you seem pretty stressed out lately..are you fucktually frustrated?
by Sushi May 09, 2005
The result or predicted result of an imminent event.
1. You really pissed that guy off. He'll probobly yink you dead.
2. That storms gonna yink us any minute.
by Sushi November 12, 2004
laughing so hard one would bust a gut
dude, that was hella funny i nearly bag!
by sushi February 18, 2005

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