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A wave of bros washing over a location like a tsunami of testosterone and self aggrandizement. The early warning signs of a looming bronami can include a whiff of axe body spray, the sound of bad freestyling and an approaching wall of neon colors.

Bronamis can occur at bars, concerts, terrain parks, back country ski lines, beaches or anywhere else there's a good reason to bro it up.

The first Bronami was recorded April 11, 2011 sweeping from the Snowbird gondola toward the Baldy side country. It was made up of 90 bros. 4 lives were lost.
That hot tele chick was just minding her own business slaying that chute when 45 dudes with POV helmet cams started following her. It was a total bronami.
by SurfTheBroNami April 12, 2011

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