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A kickass headset that ranges from 5.1 to 7.1 Dolby Digital Sound Surround, anything less isn't a true turtle.

Its best area of expertise is Search and Destroy on Call of Duty as it makes it easy to clutch BK's (bad kids). One problem is the headset is so good sometimes you hear your own feet and think someone is coming - noob mistake.

Headset can lead to Turtle Beach Hair and awesome KDR's and Win streaks.

Often referred to as Turtle between fellow owners as non-owners don't pick up on this. Once you buy a headset you know what the fucks up.

Annoying when kids on your team don't have ninja pro on.

Awesome when opponents don't.
"Steve, heads up I hear a kid coming around the corner on my Turtle"

"Hey fucker... stop following me. Your loud as fuck on my Turtle Beach"
by SupraBro-93 February 09, 2010
The flat hair on the crown of your head and the rings like crop circles around your ears. Most commonly found on Call of Duty players. These players usually take the game seriously as kids without Ninja Pro are loud as fuck and like to take advantage of their noob ways.
"Holy shit man, how did that kid know I was coming? He must be wearing a Turtle Beach."

"Yo man, fix your Turtle Beach Hair, we don't want everybody knowing what we were just doing.."
by SupraBro-93 February 05, 2010

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