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it says it all
a guy or a cunt who likes to wank whale knobs for some obscure sick reason
heh look, Alan AKA JQG is the WORSE whaleswanker ever, thats prolly cuz himself is lacking a cock
by Supernova March 03, 2005
An incredibly diverse dj/producer/actor/comedian/writer based out of Canada.
"You should get your beats from SuperNova"
by SuperNova January 10, 2005
1. piece of junk custy car 2 of my x boyfriends slapped ghostly stickers on and called it good
2. lame ass promoter of the worst detroit electronic music fest to happen in the brief yet outstanding history of d.e.m.f.'s
maybe i should buy a focus and put 2 ghostly stickers on it.....
by supernova February 29, 2004

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