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After watching an epic movie or TV series, or playing an epic video game, the feeling of depression or dissatisfaction with one's real life in comparison to the awesomeness of what one saw/lived on screen, i.e. "my life can never be that awesome oh god." Epic, in this case, meaning circumstances that lead the protagonist to save the world or live life in a way that nobody could remotely approach in reality.

Usually lasts 1-5 days after the conclusion of said epic movie/series/game.
"How fucking amazing would it be if I could get really ripped and fight crime like Batman....oh god damn it, it's basically impossible. I'm going to spend the next 30 years in a cubicle trying to get the office that's slightly bigger than a cubicle. My life is so fucking boring and background and I'll never realize my dreams. I have such a severe case of epic movie syndrome that I might as well kill myself."
by Superking April 30, 2012
when you 69 a girl you shove your cock into her mouth so she gags. then you look at her ass hole pucker
betty was totaly into the 69 so i sliped her a puckering starfish and almost got my dick bitten off!
by superking October 17, 2004
Despite what Jaivaz states, Dattebayo actually translates to "don't ya know?" And is commonly tagged onto sentence or more commonly a statement to add meaning, or just to sound cute.
Jaivaz wrote a bad definition, dattebayo
by superking April 20, 2005
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