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Its the proper Follow to What?
"Have a nice flight."
by Superhero May 12, 2004
Aussie for a snot rocket
He didn't have any tissues so he used the bush hankie
by superhero March 22, 2005
Athina is the girl that everybody wants as a friend or as a girlfriend.She is very sweet and kind but when she wants she can be bad af.If you respect her,she will respect you,if you don't then she won't.The most of the times she will have Blonde hair,green or blue eyes,and she will be short.But that doesn't mean she will always be like this! She is the person that can be bad and good at the same time,she will trust you if she wants to do it.All the boys want her,even if they don't admit it,they are.And all the girls want to be like her.She will always be up for anything.
Dude 1 : "Hey,did you saw Athina today?"
Dude 2 : "Yeah,she was hot"
Dude 1 : "Yeah"

Girl 1 : "Hey Athina,want to go snowboarding this weekend?"
Athina : "Of course! By the way,do you want to eat anything.I'll pay"
Girl 2 : "Nice,and,nah,we're good,but thanks for the offer"
by SuperHero March 21, 2015

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