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A vagina that has serious hang-time. The amount of skin hanging is similar to a roast beef sandwich from the best deli!
When I tried to get to her G-spot but I couldn't find it because of her danglelabia.

That chicks meat was hangin', like she has danglelabia syndrome.
by Superheeman April 13, 2010
A person with very very ugly hands, sometimes being so ugly that they get confused for feet. Similar in appearance to the hands of a chimpanzee.
What the hell is that on my table? Get those chimphandfeet off of my table!

Did you see dude's hands? They were so ugly, they looked like chimphandfeet.
by Superheeman April 17, 2010
A male who has a very large/fat butt and a very large penis.
Oh my word James, from behind, I thought you were a girl, you have a stallionbody!

Did you see his body? He was built like a horse, he totally had a stallionbody.
by Superheeman April 13, 2010

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