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Describes the region between a woman's legs that becomes moist with anticipation of my manhood.
Our bodies entangled in passion and lust, my throbbing member in her hands, she soon placed my hand against her cooterwet to say she was ready to consummate our union.
by superfly March 25, 2005
Dumbarse - A simple person
You Guita
by Superfly January 27, 2004
To slap someone with one's penis
"Ugh! I can't believe you just slacked me!"
by Superfly June 29, 2004
A bad Smell - Not very cool - not to be liked - Simple -

All things considered Very Smelly
You look/smell/talk/walk/snore like a Guita
by Superfly January 27, 2004
Guita = not as cool as William
Superfly is flyer than Guita
by Superfly January 27, 2004

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