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one of the best bands ever. People can say they're over rated, and they may well be. But no one can say they hate them because if Nirvana hadnt excisted then at least half of the good music today wouldnt, they revolusionised music and delayed the attack of hip hop shit.
What i love about Nirvana is the meaning to the lyris, you can relate to his words.
So all i can say is, if its your thing then get the album but if not, whatever you do, think before you diss!!
Nirvana, the best band ever!
Nirvana a state of peace and well being.
by Superelf October 13, 2006
a bmx boy is a guy who rides around tryin to do tricks on his bmx. like a skater but much cooler.
as soon as the bmx boys arrived at the skate park, the skaters pissed off.
by superelf October 06, 2006
a person who is part of a group that always meet at the same place, same time.
They're usually damn cool.
They also attract people to them like bees to honey, but the poor people are usually shunned.
lunchis is the plural.
OMG abby and corrina are SUCH lunchis.
by superelf October 04, 2006
A guy who is hot, and knows how to kick it!!!
could also mean shit, but the first ones better, and more true!!
Did you see that guy? He was so cal!
by Superelf October 15, 2006

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