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To steal, to pilfer, to blatantly thief something from someone/something. Usually used in the past tense.
Has is a fucking bitch, he niggered my last donut.

Yeah, Jack niggered that snickers from right under the shopkeep's nose.

Can you pick me up? Some asshole niggered my car last night.
by Super_Pope March 31, 2005
Term used to describe someone who sucks at life as much, if not more than thier parents.
James' insane, Chris is a bitch....their folks must got some bad seed.

Dude, his mom ate road killed dog, no wonder he's a fucktard. He's some bad seed.

Mat Scaletta
by Super_Pope March 31, 2005
slang the female sex organ, the vagina.
That is the biggest zorch I have ever seen!

That zorch looks like it has the syphilis monster living inside.

BOB: "Sally's zorch has teeth!"
BILL: "Dude, those are scabs..."
by Super_Pope January 06, 2004

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