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When a student or multiple students ask questions in order to distract the teacher from changing slides. This allows for students to have more time to be able to take notes on the current slide.
Student 1: "This professor is going so quickly through these slides!"
Student 2: "I'm going to put up my hand and attempt a powerpoint filibuster."
Student 1: "Do it. For the students."
by SuperWelcomeMatt April 09, 2013
Any type of game or activity, used predominantly by the male population, that does both of the following two things:
1) Occupies large amounts of time
2) Fails to become an activity that women find attractive

Male birth control was created to prevent the overpopulation of the human race.
Common examples of male birth control include: World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Call of Duty, Comic Books, and Starcraft
by SuperWelcomeMatt April 10, 2013

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