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Someone you're usually not.
My alter ego's name is "Hunky Dory", and he's a social kind of guy, meanwhile, I'm a shy person.
by SuperSonicX April 13, 2005
One of the greatest shows ever?
See androids fighting..Brad and Janet....
by SuperSonicX August 24, 2005
Eraserhead is the most disturbing, warped, and surreal films possibly ever made. The movie is very well made, good acting, incredible cinematography and special effects (i.e. the baby) so well done it will make your skin crawl as you wonder "Is that thing real?" The baby is so hideous, it's slight off pitch cry is the only thing that is even remotely human about it.Would I recommend this movie? It depends. To most, I would strongy encourage them NOT to watch, it's too bizarre, it's too weird. But then, to some who can take it, I would highly recommend it. In terms of bizarreness, Pi is the only other movie that even comes close, but even that looks like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood in comparison to Eraserhead.
Eraserhead, along with 2001: A Space Odyssey, is the ultimate trip.
by SuperSonicX September 17, 2005
Greatest b-movie ever made. Was ahead of it's time when released, and has since become a cult classic.
Big Trouble In Little China is such an awesome flick.
by SuperSonicX May 19, 2006
A band that used to be great before they sold out with Load (1996) and decided to sue those who downloaded their music off of Napster.
Metallica (1983-1991) = Kicks ass
Metallica (1996-onwards) = SUCKS!
by SuperSonicX March 09, 2006
"Pet Sounds", to me, is the greatest adolescent soundtrack ever created.

It is truly one of the greatest albums of all time. Besides Black Sabbath's "Paranoid", Pink Floyd's "The Wall", and Iggy & The Stooges' "Raw Power", I'd say that "Pet Sounds" is one of the greatest soundtracks for adolescent life you'll ever find. Even I as a teenager today can relate to the lyrics, albeit the fact that this album is over 40 years old.

I dare you to find an alienated teen that isn't able to relate to "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times". Well, considering the fact that most teens are into the latest no talent ass clowns that are currently plaguing the airwaves, I bet you'll have to get him or her to actually listen to the lyrics without becoming bored first. I didn't believe the hype surrounding this album until recently, mostly because I thought of the Beach Boys as a 60's surfer rock band (I've heard most of their singles throughout the years, and like most of 'em).

Hopefully 100 years from now, "Pet Sounds" will be listened to, analyzed, and appreciated for its greatness.

Brian Wilson is a genius.
"Pet Sounds" is one of my favorite albums of all time, and one of the greatest albums of the 20th century. Period!
by SuperSonicX September 07, 2006
AC/DC's original/best singer.
Bon Scott sounds better than Brian Johnson.
by SuperSonicX April 29, 2005

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