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146 definitions by SuperSonicx

Usually said by drunks.
They think they're actually saying:
"I swear to god I'm not drunk."

Unforunately, they aren't.
Guy : I swear to drunk I'm not god!
Police officer: Okay sir, get out of the car.
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
380 177
Fucking masterpiece of a film.
Stars Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle, an unstable vietname veteran who hates the scum of the society he is surrounded by.
You talkin' ta me?
Well, I don't see anyone else here...
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
271 78
A group of caucasian people who want to be african american.
"Oh, damn it. There's the wigger crew again." - Person who sees the wigger posse
"Damn wiggers!" - His friend
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
268 83
The songs on the Kidz Bop compilations are sung by a bunch of uninspired, spoon-fed little brats who butcher SOMEWHAT decent to mediocre songs (depending on which songs they decide to destroy). Their commercials consist of the kids running around laughing and dancing, while lipsynching. Wow, the perfect nightmare!

Remember when Alvin and the Chipmunks used to cover songs? Yeah, well, KIDZ BOP is worse than Alvin and his Chipmunk friends will ever be! Ashlee Simpson can sing better than these kids can!

By the time the newest Kidz Bop CD hits stores, most of the songs (by the ORIGINAL artists) are overplayed on MTV and radio. Kidz Bop needs to die. Besides, most of the time, they take songs that ALREADY suck, and add more suck factor to them, and the result is an abomination. Do the kids of today a favor by buying them a Beatles CD, or maybe a soundtrack to a Disney film, anything is better than Kidz Bop!
The Kidz Bop series are an abomination to music.
by SuperSonicX May 19, 2006
234 54
Greatest action film star, alive or dead.
No one can kick Arnold Schwarzenegger's ass!
by SuperSonicX April 23, 2006
358 178
The greatest living american director.
Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, Gangs of New York, The Aviator, After Hours, Casino - 'Nuff said.
by SuperSonicX August 18, 2005
233 65
Slang term for weed/marijuana/pot
"I love the ganja!" - Me
by SuperSonicX September 20, 2005
554 387