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A cigarette every now and then is a guilty pleasure. As another person said, smoking cigarettes on occassion (1-3 a day) or just socially is OK and not very harmful. Smoking a pack or even half a pack in a day is a sign that you need help. I'm definitely not going to make smoking cigarettes a habit, because I know how dangerous they are. I do love the taste of them though, but not enough to became addicted to them.
A cigarette every now and then is okay with me!
by SuperSonicX September 23, 2005
Except for The Rock, Michael Bay has made nothing but crap. His directing style is poor, as he literally believes that an edit every second is the best way to make a film. I don't think it's possible to physically count the number of cuts and explosions in his films within one human lifetime. The guy can't even make a decent movie with the insane budget he gets to work with. His movies, albiet entertaining on some level, are the equivalent to an empty orgasm - completely unsatisfying, equally frustrating and definitely not worth the effort.

The guy needs to either expand on his predictable, unvaried style of filmmaking (although, I can't imagine him having the balls or the talent to do so) or just stop wasting good money and go away. Without this ass-load of money invested in his movies, Bay can't do sh!t. His inability to improvise, his lack of creativity, and his need for a big budget (because he's too incompentant to come up with something impressive with less funding) makes him the most pointless and deficient person in this business.
Michael Bay sucks ass.
by SuperSonicX July 09, 2005
Usually said by drunks.
They think they're actually saying:
"I swear to god I'm not drunk."

Unforunately, they aren't.
Guy : I swear to drunk I'm not god!
Police officer: Okay sir, get out of the car.
by SuperSonicX August 22, 2004
One of the greatest actors ever.
Usually compared to Al Pacino, however..both of them are great.

Seen in films such as : Meet the Parents, The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, Mean Streets, Awakenings, among others.
Guy 1: I watched Taxi Driver last night.
Guy 2: De Niro is great in that movie.
Guy 1 and 2: "You Talkin' Ta Me?"
by SuperSonicX August 20, 2004
The original frontman for heavy metal's greatest band: BLACK SABBATH!

Usually known to the youth as "that stoner dude" or "one braindead mofo".

Most of today's youth are a huge fan of him or Sabbath, because...he kicks fuckin' ass.

He totally revolutionized Heavy Metal, with the help of Tony Immoi, Geezer Butler, and Bill Ward..and who can forget Randy Rhoads?
All Aboard The Crazy Train!

by SuperSonicX August 28, 2004
Also known as "the brown eye", the anus is a hole that deposits fecal matter, and also can be used to insert certain objects into your rectum, such as a penis.
Homosexuals love the anus.
by SuperSonicX September 18, 2005
Greatest action film star, alive or dead.
No one can kick Arnold Schwarzenegger's ass!
by SuperSonicX April 23, 2006

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