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Overrated director that steals something and calls it his own. Tarantino's a live "library" of movies (he sees a lot of "unkown" movies), but he´s unable to think and criticize about them without trying to sound "cool" to the media. What he has, ladies and gentlemen, is not an appetite for making original films. What he has is an appetite for plagiarism. He's the king of plagiarism. His movies are simply a formula, just cheap tricks to sway emotions. When a director can get your emotions going making films the art, not entertainment (not to say it cant be entertaining art) without the cheap tricks like Kubrick, Fellini, Tarkovsky, early Coppola and Scorsese, Welles, etc. thats when they can be considered great if you ask me. Tarantino takes it up a step by copying plots and scenes to the point that he's remaking the movie.
I read somewhere that the scene in "Pulp Fiction" where Travolta is shooting up before going to pick up Mrs. Wallace was stolen shot-to-shot from a scene in Drugstore Cowboy. What does Tarantino "Um........it's an.....homage?" How disgusting.

Tarantino is an overrated plagiarist.
"Reservoir Dogs is practically a remake of Long Hu Feng Yun (City of Fire)." - Me
by SuperSonicX June 08, 2005
That check you get at the first of the month.
Drug addict: "Damn, this welfare check is whack!"
by SuperSonicX June 04, 2005
The opposite of high
"I'm starting to feel low. Fix me up another bowl!" - A Stoner
by SuperSonicX June 03, 2005
A term that means kick ass, sweet, cool, awesome, amazing, tubular, groovy, and so on.
Iggy Pop is fucking suave.
by SuperSonicx August 24, 2006
The word you're known by.
Sign Name Here:______________________
by SuperSonicX June 03, 2005
I have seen those films Michael Hunt mentioned. Sounds to me like the man is jealous of the goddess who is called Drew.
People like Michael Hunt are the reason why UrbanDictionary is filled with nonsense.
by SuperSonicX March 29, 2005
A fake punk band that has a singer who sounds like he got sacked in the nuts.
NFG are friggin' losers.
by SuperSonicX November 15, 2004

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