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1. a novel set in the Civil War that tells a story of undying devotion and pressing onward

2. proof that you can write an award-winning novel without knowing what in the world a quotation mark or a sentence fragment is
taken from the text: Inman ran down to the porch and looked up at Sara. He said, Warm your baby up and then build you a fire just as high as your head and put on a cauldron of water to boil. And then he jogged off down the road.
by SuperSancho April 28, 2005
a phrase used to describe a person who has crushes on multiple people, regardless if those people are in relationships or not
J: Yeah, I found out that Liz has a crush on me.

M: Really? I heard that she has a crush on me... She's probably just experiencing some flying hormones.

Junior's wife in Cold Mountain certainly has a lot of flying hormones.
by SuperSancho May 07, 2005

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