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A state of mind in an office/work environment where a person guards their pens as if they were gold. The pen crazy person often snaps or gets the shakes if someone uses one of their pens with or without permission.
Pam: Anyone got a pen I can borrow?
Cindy: Here's one. Keep it.
Pam: Are you nuts?!?! That's Kelli's pen! If she knew I took her pen, she'd kill me! She's pen crazy!
by Superood September 24, 2010
A common phrase with no meaning often said by E. Booga Gomez. Her mom would pull her hair when she would be loud in church. The phrase is become more popular since Brian and Kelli brought it back.
Brian: "Hey Kel, Pita Pita." Kelli: "Wuk Nuk!"

by Superood July 27, 2007
When someone totally pigs out on something all at once. You start to call them a pig, but then you cross it with a cow. The pig out feast may be accompanied with snorting.
"OMG Aimee, I can't believe you just ate 9 1/2 tacos! You're a piggy moo moo."
by SuperOOD May 14, 2010
When you set your alarm clock for a certain time and then suddenly wake up and jump up thinking you overslept. You then look at your alarm clock and notice you didn't oversleep, you actually woke up way earlier than you had planned.
I set my alarm clock for 8:00 AM because I was supposed to pick up Kelli at 9:00 AM. I jumped up thinking I overslept and looked at my alarm clock. It was only 5:23 AM. I underslept.
by Superood April 19, 2011

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